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Welcome to PumpYouUp, a new web site promoting quality indie free music that makes you move. Electronica, Trance, Dubstep, Techno, House. Highest quality free music a simple click away (no crazy join this, that, mediafire, zippyshare bs) to get you on your feet or groove-chilling on the sofa. If it makes you move or makes you want to grab your headphones, you'll find it on PumpYouUp.

PumpYouUp makes it extremely simple to find and download new music. No boring or too-crazy music allowed. We strive to share free tracks that are hand picked and show creativity. No wasting time. No weird links. No illegal music downloads. No same old music.

We're just starting out so we produced a few tracks in-house to get the ball rolling. Tell us what you think. Friend us on facebook, bookmark this site, watch us grow.

If you're a music producer of quality art that makes people move, send us a link to your work. We prefer 3-4 minute songs, harder styles, very rhythmic, young Skrillex, DeadMau5, Tiesto, SubFocus prodigies.



  • Telephone:Robert: 817 431 8470
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As Steve Jobs said, "be un-realistic". That's me, 10M, 20M, 30M+ will know PumpYouUp in a matter of years. Question is, do you want to join me in this crazy un-realistic journey? It will be fun trying.

I started to help promote talent, creativity, and make people happy. The idea is to save the listener time in finding music that stands apart and providing a simple download link. And also to find artists who want and worthy-of free marketing and a much larger audience. I've written electronica off and on over the last 20 years as a hobby. I even have a few from 1987. But the goal is finding what our world has to offer. Please visit often as we'll have several hand picked music collections per year from various talent guaranteed to please. Our goal, as any producer's goal, is to spread our names. Share our songs and site as much as possible. Show your support and subscribe to reddit, facebook, youtube; then as new collections are released you'll be reminded quality music is waiting for download, free dubstep, free trance, free house, free techno, free electronica, free rock, free indie, maybe free country, all guaranteed to please. If it makes you move, if it makes you want to grab your headphones, if it's quality art that's not boring and not too crazy, you'll find it on